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Salted "Casatiello"

Salted Casatiello (photo: Enrico Cosentino)



Make a well with the flour on the table, in the middle of the flour put the yeast, the pepper, the salt, and some of the pork fat.

Begin to mix with some of the warm water, once obtained the dough add the rest of the pork fat, continue to work the dough until it becomes soft and adheres to the surface of the table. At this point add a little at the time the salami, the bacon cut into small pieces, the cigoli and work everything together well.

Once finished mixing the ingredients, leave a small piece of the dough for the decoration, give to the rest of the dough the shape of a doughnut and put it in a pan previously greased with the pork fat. Set in the middle of the casatiello a small metal cup in order to avoid that during the levitation the hole in the middle of the casatiello could close up. Put in the middle of the casatiello the four eggs and cross them with 2 stripes of pasta previously put apart for the decoration. Let the casatiello levitate for about 2 hours.

Bake the casatiello in the oven at a very low temperature about 190° C for about 2 hours.


Note: This bread is eaten in all the families of the territory in occasion of the Holy Easter.