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Sorrento and its Poetry


by Salvatore Cangiani
(Translated by Marianna Mastro)

First of all we wish to specify that the first and great temptation was to present an authentic small history of the poetic production in the Sorrentine Peninsula.

This idea besides being burdensome and difficult considering the complexity and vastness of its origin, it would have ended up in a dreary list of information, mostly already known, offering very little to our friends reading this site.

We, therefore, retained more interesting and appropriate to search for the principal reasons which have nourished, during the centuries, the poetic inspiration of the numerous local writers not forgetting to mention also the rich group of foreign writers who came to Sorrento from various countries, who found inspiration for their work of arts becoming a patrimony of the International Literature.

This explains why, at the end, it was important to select, giving the right names of the singers who dedicated to our Peninsula, verses of great lyricism and of everlasting beauty.

Index of the topics delt with:

Torquato Tasso in Sorrento
The Myth of the Mermaids
Paolo and Costanzo Pulcarelli

Copyright 2003 Salvatore Cangiani. All rights reserved.